Born Aug 27, 2019. 5 female/3 male - NONE AVAILABLE

SnoLine's Kieran's Dram of OPOL CGC TKN RN SEN SIN - Whiskey
D.O.B. 11.27.16
CNM - LR-CNM1583/2M-PI Clear
DILUTE - LR-DL635/2M-PI Clear
EIC - LR-EIC3986/2M-PI-CAR Carrier
EYES - LR-EYE12401/19M-VPI Aug 2018
PRA - Clear - GenSol Diagnostics

Intl CH WindyCanyons Raising The Bar CD RE CC "Sam"
dob 10/15/2006
CHIC # 57237
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
CERF Normal at 7.5 wks
CAER/EYE current 12/30/2015 (at >9 yrs)
OFA Heart Normal/Clear
PRA(prcd)/Optigen Normal/Clear
EIC Carrier (U of MN research test)
CNM Normal/Clear
HNPK Normal/ Clear
Dilute normal clear (DD)
Pure for Chocolate (EE)
Full dentition
BISS, Int (FCI), Am & Mex Ch JanWood's Secret Agent CD WC (By)
Am Ch Mallards Flying Cloud of JanRod WC (Black)
Int (FCI) & Nordic Ch Mallards Clay Basker (Black)
Mallards Eli The Boat TD
CH Blood Tracker
Am Ch JanWood's Lady Perkins WC (Yellow)
Am, World & Mex Ch Franklin's Golden Mandigo Am & Can CD, WC (Yellow)
JanRod's Sunhill Cindra (Yellow)
Am Ch Alvgardens Mischief Maker of JanRod JH WC (choc)
Int (FCI) & Nordic Ch Alvgardens Valle (Black)
Rodarbal Ruler (Black)
Intl Show & Swedish Dual CH Gun Smokes Eliza
Top Nordic Brood Bitch (Black)
Swed Show CH Swed Field CH Alvgardens X-Princess (Black)
Swedish Ch Poolstead Pick of the Pops (Black)
Sorbus Nightingale (Black)
WindyCanyon's Sweetest Fuji CD JH RN CC (choc)
AmCanCH Skyfire's Oughta Be A Law CD JH WC (choc)
Mult BISS AmCanCH Nipntuck Arncha Bold CD JH WC (Bc)
CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH
Nipntuck Almost Ivy League UD JH
Sunnydaze Skyfire Ragdoll CGC (choc)
CanCH Harbortop Ragtime Joe WC
CanCH Harbortop Rockmeadow Dawn CD WC
WindyCanyon's Ima Pink Lady CDX SH OA OAJ CC CGC Tracking cert'd (Bc)
Am Can CH Cedarwood Gunner O' Fawnhaven CD SH CGC (Cy)
Am Can CH Cedarwood Squire O' Fawnhaven CD JH CGC (Bc)
Desparado Cedarwood Majoret WC (Byc)
Prince Peter's Royal Gala CDX JH CGC CC (Byc)
Prince Peter of Meadowbrook (Byc)
Whitepowder Winnifred CDX JH CGC Tracking Cert'd (Yc)
Int'l CH Harbortop Kiva at Last RN WC
DOB: 3.5.11
Hips LR-202856G24F-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL58432F24-VPI
CERF: LR-380027
AVCO: LR-EYE7879 3/2015
CARDIAC (ECHO) : Clear 3/2015
Mallorn's Choco Latte RN Mallorn's Capuccino Mallorn's Valentine Mailiksen Gentleman
Mallorn's Xanadu
Mallorn's Cafe Au Lait Bubbling Picasso
Tjotte's Pure Colour at Mallorn's
Mallorn's Chocomotion Tjotte's Now or Never Cassatas Alladin Aces
Tjotte's Babysitters Nightmare
Boothgate Miz Show Bisiness Brandhams Show Stopper
Oulsmi Endless Love
Int'l CH Harbortop Finally RN NAP NJP
Am/Can CH Skyfire's Oughta Be A Law CD JH WC BISS Am/Can CH Nipntuck Arncha Bold CD WC JH CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH
Nipntuck Almost Ive League UD JH
Sunnydaze Skyfire Ragdoll CGC Can CH Harbortop Ragtime Joe WC
Can CH Harbortop Rockmeadow Dawn WC CGC CD
Can CH U-CD Harbortop Hogo Megan Am/Can JH CD WC RN CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley MH, CDX WCX, TDI AmCanBda CHFlying Cloud's Tai-pan
MHR AmCan CH Plantier's Ruthless Ruthie MH CD WCX
Can CH Harbortop Falmouth Rose CD JH CH Harbortop's Redwick Valhalla MH
Harbortop Kotas Chata

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SnoLine's Legally Blonde Miss, Elle CGC TKN

Colour : BBee
OFA HIPS: LR-224290E24F-VPI (Exc)
OFA ELBOWS: LR-EL75851F24-VPI (Clear)
DNA Profile:
OFA Cardiac:
OFA PRA :LR-PRA1423/24F-PI Clear
OFA CNM :LR-CNM1361/24F/PI Clear
OFA EIC :LR-EIC3422/17F-PI Clear
OFA EYES:LR-EYE10878/22F-VPI 8/18
Full Dentition


CH Ahti Aspen of Finwoods {yel} "Micky" Int & Fin CH Palabras Blue Bayo {yel} Tweedledum Steamy Windows {yel}
Swed/Fin F.T. CH Upwards Amanda {blk}
DT.JGD Ch Hirsipirtin Xedos {blk}
Int CHWinnie's Frankfurter Team {blk}
Hirsipiritin Anggliea {yel}
SH CH Rocheby Powder Blue {yel}
C.C.W. Rocheby Navy Blue {blk} SH CH Rocheby Sailing By {blk}
Cambremer Royal Velvet At Rocheby {blk}
SH CH Rocheby Polkadot {yel}
Hips 5/7
Three time CRUFTS BOB 1996,7,8
Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby {yel}
S H CHRocheby Acorn {yel}
SnoLine's Iridescent Daedal RN CC SnoLine's Caiman Dorado CD JH RE Int'l CH Harbortop Lord of the Seas WC JH RN Balrion Lord of the Dance Eng Sh CH Ramsayville Raindance
Balrion Edge of Darkness
Harbortop Summer Salute Rocheby Royal Navy
Harbortop Bright April JH
Redwick Cat Dancer at SnoLine CC WC CD JH RE CH Franklin's Pickpocket For KerryBrook MH CH Franklin's Champagne
Kerrybrook Franklin's Bolero
Can CH Harbortop Falmouth Rose CD JH CH Harbortop Redwick Valhalla MH
Harbortop Kotas Chata
Duckndogs Never Doubt Can CH Lab Treasure's Knight Commander {choc} "Radar"
SwShCh Fieldvalley's Giovanni {black}
NorwShCh Cuanbank Tug O'War {black}
NorwShCh Fieldvalley's Din Kopia
DenNorIntlCh Lab Treasure's Believe It Or Not {choc}
Master of Chocolat D Taillis Madam {choc}
INTCh O'Sofinas Quite As Nice {black}
Tormentil Fancy That {blk}
Can CH Wiscoy Tormentil Sloan {By} CH Dickendall Arnold JH {black}
CH Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie
Amaryllis Fantaisie CH Lindall Highland Game
Shadowvale Libellule Blues