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CAC Danzia Jaxayn Von Berguntahl CGC, CD, PT
(8 weeks in whelp)

V-1 Vedor vom Wilsteigerland SchH3 FH IP3 KKL1'a'Lbz

Aiko (eye-ko - Japanese for "love child") von Schneegrenze - "Bruiser"
Bruiser is a Coated Sable male, preliminary OFA Good/Clear.
Azja (AhhhhZha) von Schneegrenze
Azja was my only bitch,(of course - as I bred this litter for a bitch for myself!) a Black & Silver. Ajza left us in January of 2010.

Aquila (Latin for Eagle) von Schneegrenze - "SHADOW"
Shadow was originally selected by the owner's of White Mountain Bird Farm where he performed duties as sentry dog and family companion. Due to the unfortunate death of his owner Shadow was placed with a new family in 2000 where he was a much loved companion. Shadow died in Nov, 08 very unexpectedly of spleenic cancer.

Aislinn (Galic for "Dream") von Schneegrenze CGC - "SABLE"
Aislinn (now "Sable"), is a sable male. His preliminary OFA results were Good/Clear.
He has been placed as a personal companion and is now enjoying obedience classes with his new Dad.

Sable & Gary presented a handsome pair Feb 13th, 2000 at the Walla Walla Kennel Club "Dogs on Parade" demo....bet they had to beat the girls off with a stick!
Update 2005: Sadly, Sable died in late 2004, he shall be sorely missed by his family.

Alyko (AhhLeeeko) von Schneegrenze
Alyko is a Black & Silver male. Lyko left us in September of 2010.

Aquilo (Latin for "the north wind") von Schneegrenze
Aquilo was the pistol of the bunch. His preliminary OFA results were borderline/clear possibly due to the presence of a transitional vertabrae (see http://www.offa.org/tv.htm for an explanation of transitional vertabrae).
He was placed on a spay/neuter contract in a home that planed to do obedience with him.
Sadly Quilo was killed in an unfortunate accident :( at the end of 1998. Rest in peace baby.

Asa von Schneegrenze
Asa is a Black & Tan male. He was selected as the companion of a wonderful couple that work in realty and even gets to go to work from time to time. Seen here with their grandchildren to whom he is a "special companion"
Asa died in April of 2008.

Alexander von Schneegrenze - "ALEX"
Alex is a coated Sable male.

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