Khan, Von Waldberg AzKhan O'SnoLine
7/1/1994 - 11/12/2005
Khan & Brandy Khan was born on July 1, 1994. Though of German Imports, he showed in the AKC ring for the first year of his life with a good percentage of wins. Unfortunately, his hips were borderline and he was neutered at one. Khan holds one leg on his PT title. He no longer competes as his nerves are severly lacking. When he became large enough to do so his standard response to anyone entering the area when he and I were working was to leave, over the fences if necessary. As he is also a bleeder and hurting himself was a concern I made the decision to stop trying to compete at all with him. He still home...and he loves to "go with Mom" as long as he's not expected to get out of the truck and he doesn't have to submit to petting by anyone.

Copyright 2001 - Brandy Burton-Tarantino