Kyzyl Harbortop Kyzyl Of Snoline 3 Am/2 Can JH wings
Kyzyl has more heart and attitude packed in her little body than any other dog I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Unfortunately she too was diagnosed with CHD and after much thought we decided it would be best for her to place her.

It simply would have broken her heart to not be able to work when the other dogs did. She was placed in a wonderful home with stay-at-home folks and a number of grandkids to call her own and has fit in beautifully.

Kyzyl and Thumper come from reputable breeders, tested stock and otherwise solid litters. They are perfect examples of what *can* go wrong even if you do everything right. Testing of breeding stock lowers the probabilities of having problems of this type.

In conjuntion with their breeder, I arranged with VetGen for Thumper and Kyzyl to be part of their research study into canine CHD...hopefully our heartbreak will aid some other dogs down the line.

Copyright 2001 - Brandy Burton-Tarantino