Requirements for "Breeder of Merit":
.Has a history of at least 5 years involvement with AKC events.
.Earned at least 4 Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on dogs they bred.
.Member of an AKC club.
.Certifies that applicable health screens are performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club.
.Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered enabling AKC to maintain accurate records.
Our first priority is that our dogs be well loved companions but we love to see our guys out there working!
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2 Black Male/4 Black Female born September 18 2018.
Inquire for availability . DETAILS

WHEN INQUIRING about puppies/dogs, PLEASE include more than "do you have a purple female"
in your message. We're not looking for "A" placement for our pups, we're looking for the "right" placements for our pups.

    *   What do you want the puppy FOR? House companion? Hunting companion?
       Obedience/tracking/other training, work or competition that might
       affect the level of drive you're looking for?
    *   WHERE are you located? If not in the greater Seattle area are you
       prepared to come and GET a pup?
    *   What is your ENVIRONMENT? Fenced yard? Kids? Other pets? Any special needs?
    *   WHY do you want a Labrador in particular?
    *   DO YOU HAVE A SEX PREFERENCE? If so, why? Many believe, mistakenly, that
       females are going to be kinder, sweeter, gentler. In general, if you
       are looking for those characteristics, more tolerance with very young
       children and more physically affectionate you will find those qualities
       in a male moreso than a female.

Some commonly asked questions

    *   YES we breed to the standard. This would be termed a "show/conformation style" dog or
        [incorrectly] an "English" style dog rather than a "field/working" or "American" style dog.
        You may find an illustrated standard HERE. The Standard is the blueprint of the breed
        and will give you a really good view to what we are trying to produce.
    *   YES we have a contract
    *   YES we place all pups on LIMITED REGISTRATION & a spay/neuter agreement
       unless special circumstance applies.
    *   YES we health and performance test our dogs. See the DETAILS page for
       the litter/individual you are interested in.
        You will find information on titles/testing there. You may verify most
        tests at The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
        Some results will not show there because they were done in an alternate
        fashion to the method which OFA compiles.
        We are happy to provide details/copies of test results.
    *   NO we don't have an "application" just have to TALK to me.
       Tell me what you're hoping to find, tell me what you're planning on
       doing with the pup, tell me if you're flexible. MY currently available pups/dogs
        might not be a good fit for you...or I may have already placed the specific
        individual you're interested it. The more you tell me the better I can
        decide who to refer you to that might be better able to fit your needs.

Click HERE to send email inquiries to Brandy or CALL 360.435.3131

Available Young Dogs

Nothing at this time.

STUD Service/Our Dogs

The Road to Here
Past dogs & previous litters

Stud Dogs

          DIESEL : SnoLine Diesel CD RE
             frozen semen only

          YUKON : SnoLine Miner's Delight CC
             chilled semen only

          WHISKEY : SnoLine's Kieran's Dram of OPOL CGC TKN RN


ELLE : SnoLine's Legally Blonde Miss, Elle CGC TKN

Retired, No longer in residence
or Living only in our memories

          DAEDAL : SnoLine's Iridescent Daedal RN CC

          JUNIOR : Rocheby Indigo Blue CD RE WC

          EVE : 2011-2018
          SnoLine's Joyeuse Angelique RN CC

          CAI - 2004-2015 :
          SnoLine's Caiman Dorado CD RE JH

          DANCER - 2001-2015 :
          Redwick Cat Dancer At Snoline CC WC CD JH RE

          FIONA : SnoLine's Fiona Edana RN

          INDY : Duckndogs Never Doubt

          QYZYL : SnoLine's Exquisitely Spicy CD RA

Litters sired by our studs
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DIESEL Litters

YUKON Litters

A Junior puppy

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