All Policies Subject To Change


All drop offs and pickups are SCHEDULED during Kennel hours. Kennel hours are 9-11 & 3-6 M-F, 9-11 Sat and 3-6 on Sunday. We are closed on all major holidays. As it takes a few minutes to check a dog in or out we ask that you plan on being here no later than 5:30.

Charges are based on a daily rate, you will be charged for check-in day and must check out your pet(s) by 11AM on the day of check out to not be charged for that day. We provide Sunday afternoon pickup as a courtesy to you, allowing you to make the most of your weekend and not have to alter your Monday workday schedule. As we only have afternoon hours you are charged for the day on Sundays.

Off hours pickup/dropoff

If your schedule is such that you absolutely cannot make your drop-off or pick-up during business hours please inform us so that we can discuss accommodations. Our charge for Scheduled Off-hours pickup is $35 and is dependent on availability of staff. If you arrange for off-hours pickup and fail to make your scheduled appointment you will still be charged as it is necessary for us to have staff available even if you fail to show.

Release of Pets

At the time of arrival you shall sign a boarding agreement, please recognize that unless you give WRITTEN permission at that time we shall only release your pets to you.


To ensure you get a reservation when you need it, we encourage you to book 4-8 weeks prior to any holiday. As we require a 10 day non-refundable deposit on all holiday reservation you will be asked for a credit card at the time your reservation is made. Deposits will be charged for your board 10 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Cancellation & No Show

In consideration of our other clients, if you must cancel please do so in a timely manner. During peak seasons, we reserve the right to bill for dates and runs you reserved for failure to cancel at least 10 days in advance.

Intact Pets (non-neutered)

Not a problem.


Dogs with KNOWN aggression problems must be assessed before boarding. With a long backgroud as a foster home for rescue we are accustomed to dealing with a wide range of behavioural issues and we do not immediately deny boarding to dogs with known issues (or of specific breeds) but we must assess those issues to safely provide housing for ALL our clients.

Charges and Payment

CHECKOUT Time is 11:00 a.m. after which you will be assessed another full day of boarding
* SHORT TERM BOARDING: To be paid in full at time of pickup.
* LONG TERM BOARDING (> 2 wks) :
One half to be paid in advance, remainder when pet is picked up.
*TOTAL BILL IN EXCESS OF $250.00 : One half to be paid in advance, remainder when pet is picked up.
* NON-SCHEDULED NON-BUSINESS HOURS PICK/DROP: $50.00 PLUS same day or next day boarding whichever applies.
* EXTENDED NON-SCHEDULED STAY : $50.00 PLUS boarding rate for each day of extension.

We accept Visa ®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® checks and, of course, cash

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