Thumper CAC/CACIB Harbortop Thumper O'Snoline CD, Am/Can JH
Thumper was our shining star. He qualified for the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association All-Around Award at the age of 28 months. An exceptional marker, he was very silly boy and really made us hold our breath a few times as he tried to embarrass Mom at the hunting trials, but he pulled it through in the end.

Unfortunately, about the same time, Thumper was diagnosed with CHD, though his preliminary x-rays at 12 months had been exceptionally good. He was neutered and his upper level training was severely curtailed . Surgery was not deemed necessary, but for his health I decided that pursuing upper level titles was not the best plan for him. He continued to train through out his life and was asymptomatic to the end (NO symptoms though diagnosed moderate dysplastic, another example of the necessity of testing. Orthapaedic issues can ONLY be diagnosed by x-ray)
Kyzyl and Thumper come from reputable breeders, tested stock and otherwise solid litters. They are perfect examples of what *can* go wrong even if you do everything right. Testing of breeding stock lowers the probabilities of having problems of this type.

In conjunction with their breeder, I arranged with VetGen for Thumper and Kyzyl to be part of their research study into canine CHD...hopefully our heartbreak will aid some other dogs down the line.

Thumper spent his life here with us, we lost him unexpectedly at the age of 8 on June 9, 2002 to suspected bladder/prostate cancer.

Copyright 2001 - Brandy Burton-Tarantino