SnoLine/Schneegrenze Kennels | Note To Visitors | WASHINGTON STATE

Puppy/Available Adult/Rescue Dog Visitors Please Note

In addition to being owners and operators of our BUSINESS, SnoLine Boarding Kennels we are hobby breeders of Labrador Retrievers under the kennel name SnoLine and previously German Shepherd Dogs under the kennel name von Schneegrenze. We also work with a number of rescue organizations.

Whilst our BUSINESS, SnoLine Boarding Kennels and our HOBBIES share the same property they are completely separate endeavours and when we schedule a visit it is typically during our personal time.

     When you schedule a visit we are allocating time from our day to allow for:
    - us to spend time with you and your family and get to know you better and understand your needs in a dog
    - you to get to know us better and to spend some time with our puppies and/or adult dogs and/or foster dogs
    - assessment of whether or not the puppy/dog you have come to meet is an appropriate match for you and your family.

While we understand that unplanned things come up in life and sometimes it's necessary to reschedule we ask that you realize this is not just your personal time you are affecting, but ours, and that you do us the courtesy of giving us as much notice as possible. Our business phone is checked VERY regularly for messages and we would ask that you leave your message there: 360.435.3131

We will reschedule your visit one time only.